Hitachi has introduced its Silent-Iconic 4-way premium VRF Cassette air conditioner in the Indian market. According to the company, the new 4-way VRF Cassette air conditioner aims to offer a premium experience integrating with the new-age design and décor needs of modern architects, Interior designers and high-end consumers in the residential and commercial segment.
The Silent-Iconic air conditioner is inspired by Hitachi’s ‘Duality Design’ philosophy called ‘Soku-Hi’ in Japan. Following this philosophy, Silent-Iconic is designed to be “visually silent” and blend in with architectural spaces, while taking care of the cooling and heating needs, said the company
As per the company, this air conditioner is designed to be inconspicuous in architectural spaces. The aim of the design is to make the air conditioning blend completely into the ceiling surface.
According to Hitachi, the four flaps of the air conditioner are crafted to reduce their visual impact while maintaining precise airflow control at the same time. To further minimise the appearance of the cassette, the central inlet of the unit is lowered, so that the unit can better integrate into the ceiling.

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