New Delhi: Looking for the perfect way to suprise your mother this Mother’s Day, why not spend some quality time with mommy dearest? Like every year, this year, India will celebrate the warm occasion on the second Sunday of May which happens to be 8th May this year. As a token of your love and respect for your mother or motherly figures in your life, consider planning out a whole day filled with celebration so that the memory of the occasion stays with you for a long time. Often, people are unable to spend time with their mothers owing to busy schedules and work commitments, but we’re sure you can carve out some quality time for our first guide, mentor, and friend.

In case you’re all out of ideas, here are a few innovative activities you can plan to celebrate Mother’s Day:

1. A makeover session followed by a photoshoot

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Sit her down and give her a fancy makeover at home! You can start with pampering her with a face massage and then recreate one of her favourite make-up looks at home. Sounds exciting? Yes, it is indeed. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have a photoshoot session as a post-makeover activity.

2. Cook a delicious meal for her


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Your mom loves to cook for you every single day but today at least make an effort to either prepare a 4-course meal for her yourself. She will definitely try to help you out in the kitchen but this time DO NOT listen to her and tell her to relax and wait for her scrumptious meal to come to her! 

3. Gift her a new, trendy gadget


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If your mommy is tech-savvy and likes to keep herself busy all day surfing on the internet then you can probably buy her a cool gadget this Mother’s Day. Make her feel special and gift her a nice luxurious gift item. She will love it!

4. Pamper her with an at-home spa 


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Mothers across the globe spend their entire life in making your daily life easy and stress-free. However, little do they think about themselves. On this day, you can create an at-home spa experience for your mom! All you need are essential and massage oils, a vapouriser, dim lights, and some calming music. You could offer her a soothing massage so she forgets about all her woes for while.

5. Plan a classic movie night


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If your mommy is the movie type, then whip up some popcorn and plan a movie night at home. Maybe the entire family can watch a new Bollywood/Hollywood flick together. How about ordering dessert as well?

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